Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My search for an Imperial Shih Tzu puppy!!!

Meet baby Sushi! So Sweet!

For the last 6 years I have been wanting a dog since my husband and I moved to ohio from Pennsylvania. I have finally convinced the hubby that it is a good idea. He finally cracked! I think it had to do with the continuous bugging. The breed I decided to go with is an Imperial Shih Tzu. They can be as tiny as 3 lbs. But as big as 8 to 10. I am looking for one that is more on the 6 lb range. I have been searching the internet for local breeders in my area. I am finding several that breed regular size shih tzu but it has been a little more difficult finding tea cup puppies. I have to admit the search has been a little over whelming. I just wish someone could say here you go. Here is the perfect dog for you and it is going to be really cute, healthy and happy for many years to come. But unfortunately it doesn't work that way.
Sushi with his new girl friend Cassey

One thing I have noticed is how helpful everyone has been in helping me with my search. I truly appreciate all the tips. It will definitely help me to find that perfect match for me. One person in particular has truly gone out of her way. I am so impressed with how she has been so open and is has knowledge of information when it comes to the breed. A few tips she gave me on picking a puppy:

1) Eyes/Nose/paw pads should be black
2) When the puppy looks at you, the whites of the eyes should not show.
3) The nose should be tiny and almost between the eyes, the face squished.
4) No bulging eyes out, head should not be to big, compared to the body and should be proportioned.
5) Check out if it breaths well.
6) check for fleas and ticks.
7) They should give you a few days to bring the puppy to your vet to be checked to see if it is healthy.
8) Try not to get a white puppy because its eyes stain all the time.
9) Teach it to drink from a water bottle so that its beard doesn't stain.

One other breeder said:
1) Buy locally if you can. It works out better if something is wrong with your puppy.
2) Look at the parents first. Ugly parents sometimes can produce ugly babies.
3) Asked to see proof of vet visits.

Last Breeder said:
There is a formula for picking the right size.
*At 8 weeks of age take the puppies exact weight and multiply it by 3
*At 10 weeks X 2 and add a pound
*At 12 weeks X 2

I have seen a wide range of colors. The multi color one that I like the best is called a Brindle. Those are really pretty.

I went to a breeders house the other day and I was truly disappointed. But I will continue my search and I will keep you updated on how things are going.